Miles Davis meets Jimi Hendrix

[For our Dutch audience] – MILESROCKS! combineert de echoes van Miles Davis intieme trompet met de explosieve blues en rock van Jimi Hendrix. Een remake van de plaat die nooit gemaakt werd. Vrijdag 19 januari in Kantine Walhalla in Rotterdam. More info here.

Pencil art

Pencil Drawings By Jeffrey St. Romain.

Happy New Year!

The Lifelines team wishes you a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

The Lifelines crew wishes you all Happy Holidays!
Art by Randy Chavez.

One Last Experience: The Movie

Youtube promo for my new book. Order now in 2017 for 10% discount. Limited Edition Hardcover, 218 pages. Online available here.

One Last Experience

There’s more to this than meets the eye. This certainly applies to the concert The Jimi Hendrix Experience gave at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 24 February 1969. To us spectators it was a special night nonetheless, a memorable one. Anyone watching the group that night, the 17-year old author included, had no idea what forces were alive behind the scenes. This book tells the story of that legendary concert. It also tells the story leading up to it, and the aftermath. Continued here.

Celebrating 75 years

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Happy Birthday

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Jimi goes clubbing

Photo expo to commemorate the Rotterdam gig the Experience did in 1967, as well as Jimi's 75th birthday. The Rotterdam Museum had big plans for an exposition (I was asked to participate) but since they started planning in July it was too late and it never materialized. That's a shame, because we had great plans for a nice mulit-media event at the museum. Anyway, it now comes down to a small photo exposition which should be nice too, although the cafe is very small, so leave your backpacks and motorcycle helmets at home.

Look over yonder... it’s me.

Or: Mr. Valkhoff goes to Hollywood.

Do you know the thing when something is staring you in the face for decades, but you don’t see it? Last week I was bored and was watching the video of the 1969 Royal Albert Hall concert I went to. I suddenly realized that if I could figure out where my seat was in the hall, maybe I could spot myself in the audience. As it turns out, Jimi is in the middle of a direct line between me and the stage left camera. This I figured out by looking at the photos I took. I also noticed I was not that far away from the stage at all. While watching the video (with my bored head), I suddenly saw myself sitting the audience! Not only that, but I can be seen trougout the movie many times, watching the show, checking my surroundings, resting my tired head on my hand, holding my photo camera for a long time trying to catch that extra special moment, and even smoking a cigarette! (Not sure if that was allowed, but I suppose many others were doing the same?). It’s really strange to see myself sitting there after almost 50 years. And to think I’ve had that video for decades, but never realized I’m included in the footage. Can’t wait to see the movie being released soon!

Me holding my photo camera for minutes to get that 'one' special snapshot.

Me blowing out smoke.