House of Culture

Original caption: "Jimi Hendrix appeared in the spring of 1967 at the House of Culture. He was the most famous musician who objected to the war in Vietnam." Helsinki, 22 May 1967. (With thanks to Luigi Garuti) More here.

Dancing in Stockholm

Very nice new photo of Jimi at the 'Tivoli Gröna Lund, Dans In', Stockholm, Sweden, 24 May 1967. With thanks to P.I. Peter van der Meeren. More here.

Girls, girls, girls…

The Lifelines' Mounties always get their man, or in this case: a girl. We have been able to identify this girl and found out she's still around! Photo taken at the Esso Motor Hotel restaurant, 16 January 1968. More here.

Who are you?

Jimi Hendrix with Charles Sudaka, reporting on that evening for 15 à 20 magazine. Paris, 9 October 1967. With thanks to Daniel Czerniejewski.


Part of a French magazine fold-out poster from September 1967, signed by Jimi in October 1967. With thanks to Luigi Garuti.

I want my TV-2

Jimi Hendrix Experience only picture known of JHE's Helsinki, Finnish TV-2 performance, 22 May 1967. Same day they played at House of Culture. With thanks to Luigi Garuti.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Amazing new picture found by your own private dick Luigi Garuti. Jimi and Noel getting ready for the second show, Stockholm, 8 January 1968. More of this date here.

Jimi eats guitar

New photo of the September 1968 Hollywood Bowl concert. Photo: Cal Bernstein. Your detective: Luigi Garuti.

Update for the DONORS AREA: dates 13, 14, and 15 January added.

Vote Mad

Jimi gives his voting advice: "Alfred E. Neuman for President – Vote Mad." Seattle airport, September 1968. [with thanks to Luigi Garuti]

Still Raining, Still Dreaming

People on Facebook are still discussing this photo. Is it Jimi sleeping? Some people even suggested it might be Jimi on his death bed. It's not. Recently we've been able to pinpoint the location and the period when the photo was taken. We even have an idea who took it! More on this photo in the DONORS AREA.