New info from our French correspondent

French friend Yazid Manou contacted me this week. I got to know Yazid in 1990 when he organized the “Jimi’s Back” festival at the Olympia in Paris. He wrote: “Hi Ben. A French guy called JP Perkins said he played as opening act for The Experience on October, 9th 1967. He wasn't in The Pebbles and I
didn't know another band (maybe) played before the Belgium band. That's a new mystery for me! He also said a photographer took a picture of him with the Experience backstage!” In return I sent Yazid a picture of a mystery guest who was photographed backstage with the Experience by Jean-Pierre Leloir. As it turned out it was this JP Perkins! Yazid continued: “The guy was signed under the name PERKINS. Barclay just found some English studio musicians to put him at Olympia for 4 songs.”
With thanks to Yazid Manou for supplying this new info.