Zee American Wunder Beaters

Caption: “The first appearance of the American miracle beater in the Hamburg Star Club was greatly appreciated by the press and the public. Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding (bass) and Mitch Mitchell (drums) gave the German fans the most familiar titles from their repertoire. The audience included Chris Barber, old master of popular jazz, who visited the three behind the stage in the dressing room and congratulated them on their great success. Photo: v. Estorff.” With thanks to Patrick Rotily. Continued here.

Jimi Hendrix drinks for free

Swedish rock group Tages, when the club was on Köpmansgatan in eastern North Town. Photo: Cue Club Forever.

“It's late one evening in May, 1967. Börje Marberg is 24 years old and is frying hamburgers in the bar at Kafferosteriet (The Coffee Roastery), Cue Club's secret speakeasy for performers. Unlike the other bars at Cue Club, this one serves beer in addition to Coca Cola. And - for very successful performers - vodka. This is one such evening. A few hours earlier, Jimi Hendrix played the Konserthallen, and now he's at the Cue Club. So when he walks up to the bar, orders and starts to search his tight suede pants for cash, Börje places a quarter of vodka on the bar, and with a gesture lets it be known that's it's OK. Jimi Hendrix drinks for free.” Continued here.

The night I met Jimi Hendrix

S.K. Waller: “There was a stir at the door and in walked Jimi. He was a small man—probably no taller than 5' 4" and slight of build. Actually, all three of them were small, but Jimi possessed an enormous presence. He looked around the room, said a word or two to a couple of people, then walked right over to where I stood. If I was surprised that Mitch had noticed Debi and wanted to meet her, I was absolutely gobsmacked that Jimi had wanted to meet me! He was quiet—almost shy—and he began talking to me in a soft voice. He asked me if I was a "Santa Barbara bunny" and I replied that I couldn't even swim, much less surf. He laughed, his entire face turning nearly angelic.” Continued here.

Mind-expanding experience


Message from the sick bay

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Skinny dancing at the Shrine

Eric Metzgar 003 benvalk
Valley State Daily Sundial (16 February): “The current version of Suzy Creamcheese jumped on stage and began dancing, obviously very naked under a thin silk dress. Hendrix began a sham orgasm that caused the closest thing to a riot that a pop concert has ever experienced. Finally, while on his knees, he grabbed a knife out of his hat, slit the guitar strings, made like a calf roper and launched the mutilated Stratocaster against the projection screen, adding a wild touch to a fantastic light show. Los Angeles, and especially the staid old Shrine, will never be the same.” Continued here.

Starin' at yuh at the Convention Centre

tumblr_md3tkhT0xf1r68b0fo1_1280 -CCT
Leslie Perrin, who handled Jimi Hendrix’s British PR: “Jimi was dressed in mauve trousers, a wide-brimmed brown-topped black hat with brass-ringed holes with matching mauve material woven in and out. He had brass buckled shoes, a flowered shirt and a metalworked waistcoat...” Perrin was wearing a grey business suit, white shirt and a tie embroidered with the insignia of the ancient Fleet Street journalists’ club. The Wig And Pen. “We were standing in the entrance and people were coming in and just staring at him. He turned to me and out the comer of his mouth said, ‘Hey Man - Les - all these people standin’ here starin’ at yuh; ah would’n have it - ah’d stare raght back!”’
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