Starin' at yuh at the Convention Centre

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Leslie Perrin, who handled Jimi Hendrix’s British PR: “Jimi was dressed in mauve trousers, a wide-brimmed brown-topped black hat with brass-ringed holes with matching mauve material woven in and out. He had brass buckled shoes, a flowered shirt and a metalworked waistcoat...” Perrin was wearing a grey business suit, white shirt and a tie embroidered with the insignia of the ancient Fleet Street journalists’ club. The Wig And Pen. “We were standing in the entrance and people were coming in and just staring at him. He turned to me and out the comer of his mouth said, ‘Hey Man - Les - all these people standin’ here starin’ at yuh; ah would’n have it - ah’d stare raght back!”’
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