Jimi changes everything

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With thanks to Luigi Garuti.

Luigi Garuti: The Great Detective

Leave it up to my Italian friend Luigi to find the unfindable. Today he sent me his latest discovery: a photo of a hitherto visually undocumented gig at the Wellington Club in Dereham, Norfolk on the 7th of October 1967. Can you believe some people do not want him to join their Facebook group? I can't. But Luigi does not need that. He just continues to find rare pics. Just like The Great Detective he is.

Foxy Papers Volume #4 – Out Now!

This book presents an almost complete collection of Jimi Hendrix press clippings from the period May 1968 to September 1968. This fourth volume brings you 204 pages of extensive interviews with Jimi Hendrix, comments by his peers, concert advertisements and reviews, record company promo ads, and many photos – some in color as they originally appeared in the music press. Foxy Papers #4 contains over 370 scanned images of music press clippings from the United Kingdom, USA, and many European countries. Especially for this publication almost all of the European articles have been translated into English. These translated articles include rare press clippings from Italy, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Spain.

Softcover edition
Pages: 204
Size: 210 x 297 mm [A4]
Full color cover
Printed in black and white and color
Number of images: ± 370

To order a copy of Foxy Papers Volume #4 go here.

Alice in Wonderland

Photo by Baron Wolman.

Lynn Goldsmith: “Through Iggy’s [Iggy Pop] connection to Russ Gibb, or “Uncle Russ,” as he was called, we got a gig to be one of the opening acts there. Russ was a major player in the Motor City music scene. He’d been a high school teacher and local radio DJ. Now he owned the Grande. We weren’t very good, which is probably why he had us open for the opening act. After one gig, we went to a party in someone’s apartment. I was wearing a fedora that I wore in the Walking Wounded poster. It had a band I’d made from the circular chrome rings of my belt. Looking unique back then was a sure sign you were an artist. As I entered the dark room where music was blasting, I could see a hookah pipe being passed around. Sitting in the corner, to my utter astonishment, was rock god Jimi Hendrix. He nodded for me to come over and sit down. He whispered in my ear that he liked what I’d done to my hat. I took it off and gave it to him. He smiled, or I should say grinned. It was a sly look, like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. It scared me. I was a virgin. I was afraid he’d find out I was not cool. I left the party. I never knew till years later when I saw Baron Wolman’s photograph of Jimi on the cover of Rolling Stone that he actually wore my belt on his hat.”

From: Rock and Roll Stories by Lynn Goldsmith (2013)

Jimi's Gibsons

Free online magazine here.

If these walls could sing

A website dedicated to The Roundhouse venue in London went live today. Very nice project with lots of information. Check it out here.

Having a ball at the Fillmore

16-10-09 kopie
There is rare and there is rare, but this photo is the rarest of them all. Apparently someone deemed it necessary to kick a beach ball onto to stage at the end of the performance. Date: 1 February 1968 at the Fillmore, San Francisco, first show. Photo by Baron Wolman. More about this concert here.

Exclusive Experience Hendrix Tour

More info here.

A pub crawl for the truth

You know the thing where something is staring you in the face all the time, but you don’t see it? That happened to me with this ‘case’. Much has been speculated about the photos at the top of this blog. When and where were they taken? Steve Rodham (editor of the UK fanzine Jimpress) and I talked about this on many occasions, but with very little to go on, we have not come to a final verdict on the location, or a date for that matter.

here. (Go ahead and click it, you know you want to...)