Hmmm, what to do, what to do...

A rare pic of Jimi with a fully dressed girl. Many questions… Who is she? Why this photo? What was the concept? It looks like Jimi has second thoughts as well. And why is Mitch wearing glasses?

Most treasured moment

Dave Mason on Facebook two days ago: “Happy birthday to Linda McCartney. She took this photo of me and Jimi Hendrix in my apartment about 7 in the morning after an all night concert in London.” So now we know! – With thanks to Alexandros Triantafyllou.

Jimi illustration by Stavros Damos

Here at Lifelines Headquarters we're not a big fan of artists' impressions of our hero. Most of them range from terrible to mediocre, but this one is a nice exception. Found here.

La Ville d'Amour

16-09-22 kopie
Photographer Odile Noël: “He was an absolute gentleman, very kind and not at all big-headed. Earlier, before going on stage, he had politely looked at the pictures I'd taken of him three months earlier.” – Photo: Jimi enjoying some after concert nightlife in Paris, 29 January 1968. More here.

Stand by your man

BbankG126840 kopie
Girl waiting outside the courtroom where Jimi stands trial for destroying his hotel room. Gothenburg, 16 January 1968.

Interviewer: Weren't you happy?
Girl: No, they didn't let me in. I had to wait outside the courtroom until it was finished.
Interviewer: How did he appear when he came out?
Girl: He seemed calm and collected.

More about this girl and Jimi Hendrix here.

Fall of the fig leaf

"Nudes, like those in the top picture by nineteenth-century French painter Ingres, have long been accepted as a legitimate subject for artists, but when used on the sleeve of a pop record by The Jimmi Hendrix Experience (above) cause raised eyebrows - though perhaps no French painter would have filled his studio with so many nudes at once." Source: 'Fall of the fig leaf' article. [Luigi Garuti]

From the editor

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They need some God up in here

Pastor Patrinell Staten Wright tells the story of how she came to sing at Jimi Hendrix's funeral on October 1, 1970 at Dunlop Baptist Church (Seattle, WA). This scene (available as a bonus on the DVD) is taken from the feature-length documentary "Wheedle's Groove" which tells the story of Seattle's forgotten soul & funk scene of the 1960s and 1970s. – With thanks to Ken Voss.

From the people at Jimpress fanzine

Jimi at the Terrace Café in the Chelsea Antiques Market in London with owner Pearl Avery on the right. For a full report on Jimi's visits to this café see Jimpress issue 108. Order here.

Jimi goes academic

Åke Hedström 20070309074743
New and rare picture found by secret agent Luigi. Lund, 10 September 1967. More here.

Dynamite picture, bro

Luigi sent me this picture with the comment: “Dynamite picture, bro.” And I agree with him: it is. Photo taken backstage Stockholm, 8 January 1968. More here.

I hated that wig

Kathy Etchingham: “I really didn’t want to be there and the wig, which was driving me crazy, kept sliding down and I repeatedly had to try to set it straight. Grapefruit went on to record for the next couple of years, but I hated that wig so much I never wore it again.” – London, 19 January 1968. More here.