Whatever you want, Leo gets

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Joe Pesci did not always play the role of a mobster.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all Lifelines fans! (With thanks to Luigi Garuti)

Miles of smiles

Jimi having a good time. Photo by Dagmar. (With thanks to Luigi Garuti)

Monkee business

Peter Tork (The Monkees) enjoying Noel Redding's spine chilling bass vibrations during a show at the Shrine Auditorium, 10 February 1968. Photo by Kim Gottlieb.

B.B. King plays, JH listens

B. B. King: “I think that Jimi Hendrix, while he was alive, became the number 1 rock and roll guitarist..” (With thanks to Luigi Garuti)

Everyday in the week I'm in a different city

Jimi at Heathrow Airport, Summer 1968. (With thanks to Luigi Garuti)