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These three photos were published in the New Musical Express of 28 January 1967. Jimi pretends to play and sing live, as the guitar is not connected to an amp with a cable, so he's just posing for the camera. But where did they take those pictures of you, Jimi? The Lifelines team to investigates deeper here

Jimi at The Marquee – or is it?

In January 1967 Photographer Ray Stevenson took some photos of Jimi, pretending to sing and play live. Rex Features wants us to believe they were taken at The Marquee club in London, February 1967. But were they? High time for the Lifelines team to investigate! – With thanks to Lifelines sleuth Luigi Garuti for setting things in motion. More here.

Jimi jams with Tommy Bolin!

American Standard [see photo] was formed in Denver, Colorado during the winter of 1967. When, in 1967, local promoter Barry Fey opened his Family Dog venue at 1601 West Evans Avenue in Denver with the help of San Francisco rock impresario Chet Helms. Fey recalls selling out the Fieldhouse's 4,700 tickets and that Hendrix was "incredible." Afterwards, according to Fey's long-time assistant Leslie Gorham Haseman, Jimi moved on to the Family Dog venue to jam. 'It was kind of a private party, but anyone who wanted to play got up and played with him, including Tommy Bolin," she remembers. More here.

New info from our French correspondent

French friend Yazid Manou contacted me this week. I got to know Yazid in 1990 when he organized the “Jimi’s Back” festival at the Olympia in Paris. He wrote: “Hi Ben. A French guy called JP Perkins said he played as opening act for The Experience on October, 9th 1967. He wasn't in The Pebbles and I
didn't know another band (maybe) played before the Belgium band. That's a new mystery for me! He also said a photographer took a picture of him with the Experience backstage!” In return I sent Yazid a picture of a mystery guest who was photographed backstage with the Experience by Jean-Pierre Leloir. As it turned out it was this JP Perkins! Yazid continued: “The guy was signed under the name PERKINS. Barclay just found some English studio musicians to put him at Olympia for 4 songs.”
With thanks to Yazid Manou for supplying this new info.

A brief hiatus

Noel Redding: “In Seattle, Jimi’s family was waiting for us at the airport. It was a triumphal return. Jimi received a key to the city, and Mitch and I were made to feel welcome in a warm, happy family reunion. I got stoned with Jimi’s brother Leon and caught the odd moment with my new super-eight camera. It was a brief hiatus however.” CONTINUED HERE.

A satisfied Foxy Papers customer

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“Thanks Ben. We got them and my husband stayed up late reading them last night. He loves the content. As an art director/designer I love supporting printed work and something well designed. Thank you. – Sharon.”

Thank you

Happy New year to all the friends of jimihendrix-lifelines.net. To all the donors who support the Lifelines website and help keeping it online. To you all: Be safe. Be Happy. And don't let anybody make you afraid. – Ben Valkhoff