Jimi Hendrix drinks for free

Swedish rock group Tages, when the club was on Köpmansgatan in eastern North Town. Photo: Cue Club Forever.

“It's late one evening in May, 1967. Börje Marberg is 24 years old and is frying hamburgers in the bar at Kafferosteriet (The Coffee Roastery), Cue Club's secret speakeasy for performers. Unlike the other bars at Cue Club, this one serves beer in addition to Coca Cola. And - for very successful performers - vodka. This is one such evening. A few hours earlier, Jimi Hendrix played the Konserthallen, and now he's at the Cue Club. So when he walks up to the bar, orders and starts to search his tight suede pants for cash, Börje places a quarter of vodka on the bar, and with a gesture lets it be known that's it's OK. Jimi Hendrix drinks for free.” Continued here.